About RANK SEO Agency

Rank SEO Agency is known for one thing and that is helping local businesses get more customers from local searches.

Through Local SEO, we are able to position a business at the top of the search results for keywords that customers are searching for daily and encourage them to use our clients over a competitor. 

It’s not voodoo, it’s Local SEO!

A trusted Local SEO company in Canada to help grow your business

Growing your business can be stressful, overwhelming, and even discouraging, especially without the right marketing partner.

You are not alone, our clients often come to us frustrated by SEO and growing their companies through marketing efforts.

We’ve removed the SEO guesswork and forgone marketing gimmicks. RANK SEO Agency takes a proven framework and customizes SEO services to improve your results online.

We help local companies stand out from the competition, and be #1 in their market.

To compete in today’s highly competitive market, you need a robust online presence. In a highly digitized era, businesses of every size need to keep up and remain relevant. Otherwise, your chances of facing extinction are incredibly high!

Who are we

ROOTED: We value work, but not at the expense of our overall well beings. That’s why we strive to keep all aspects of life in harmony, taking care to consider and be mindful of the balance between body, mind and spirit.

SPECIALISTS: It sounds braggadocious until you discover how hard we’ve worked over the past 12 years in SEO to earn this classification and continue refining ourselves over time.

TRAILBLAZERS: While everyone else is turning right, we look to the left — always seeking new methods and modes for our clients and ourselves to pursue along the road less travelled.

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