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How to Write a Local SEO Press Release

As you develop your Local SEO strategy, consider how to incorporate digital PR. This way, you can send the press release to local government officials, community leaders, and reporters. A good combination of online and offline outreach will work wonders for your SEO efforts.

Read on to learn about some of the best practices for writing your Local SEO Press Release.

Here are some of them:

Inverted pyramid structure

If you’re looking to increase local search engine rankings, the inverted pyramid structure is a great way to do so. The inverted pyramid structure encourages the use of key phrases early on in a press release, which improves its accessibility for all readers. For example, people with disabilities may be more likely to read a press release with a smaller font than they are to read a long-form article.

The inverted pyramid structure has many benefits. First, it’s inclusive. People with concentration problems or difficulty reading long paragraphs will have a better time skimming if it’s arranged in a pyramid. In addition, it’s more likely to make readers stay in the piece longer by providing them with the information they’re looking for earlier. Lastly, if you’re writing for a specific audience, the inverted pyramid style is a great way to cater to this demographic.

Safe brand anchor text

There are three different types of anchor text you should avoid in your local SEO press release. While generic anchor texts are not harmful, you should be careful with exact match and partial match domains. Branded anchors are what big brands use. You should avoid using generic anchors in your press release, which are simple phrases like “go here”. Also, be careful when using raw URL anchors, which are known as “naked links“.

In order to increase your link popularity, you should use keyword-specific anchor text in your press release. Not only will this increase your page rank, but it will also encourage other websites to use your link in their own content. However, you should remember to include a nofollow tag in your press release to prevent Google from penalizing you. Safe brand anchor text is important for local SEO, so use it sparingly.

Eye-catching title or subject line

A press release must have a compelling title or subject line. Which words or phrases should be included? What should be the purpose of your release? What should the audience know about your business? Business Insider offers some tips for crafting an eye-catching title. Here are some examples:

Structured vs unstructured citations

When writing a local SEO press release, you need to be aware of both structured and non-structured citations. Structured citations are links from traditional websites, such as Yellow Pages, Google, and Bing. But unstructured citations are a different beast entirely. They are links from news sites, blog posts, and even government websites. While they are less common, they can contribute to your local SEO strategy.

Both types of citations can boost local SEO efforts, but structured ones have the edge over unstructured ones. Structured citations, on the other hand, are references to other sites that contain your business’s name and contact information. Although both types of citations provide backlink opportunities for your website, structured citations tend to have a more significant impact on local SEO.

Premium news sites that purge press releases after 60 to 90 days

Many leading news sites have paid subscriptions, which give you access to a variety of articles. However, the free content offered by these sites may not be enough to determine whether the subscription is worth it. To circumvent these paywalls, you can use tools such as MuckRack and HARO to find journalists’ contact information. Although journalists’ employment status can change rapidly, it is possible to get your releases published on a given day if you have a list of potential publications.

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